“Space anemia” .. an obstacle to traveling to Mars?

“Space anemia” .. an obstacle to traveling to Mars?
“Space anemia” .. an obstacle to traveling to Mars?
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New research has revealed that the availability of oxygen-carrying red blood cells in the human body in sufficient quantities during the space flight to Mars may represent a challenge for humanity.

The researchers said that tourists standing in line for short space flights may also have to stay at home if they are at risk of anemia, which is a lack of red blood cells.

It is reported that astronauts suffer from “space anaemia”, but the prevailing belief so far is that it is temporary anaemia. A NASA study described it as a “fifteen day sickness.”

Doctors say it is due to the breakdown of red blood cells caused by fluid shifts in the body when astronauts enter a state of weightlessness and again when they return to Earth’s gravitational field.

The anemia is in fact a “primary effect of space travel,” said Dr. Jay Trudel of the University of Ottawa, who led research on 14 astronauts funded by the Canadian Space Agency.

“As long as you’re in space, you’re destroying more red blood cells than your body can make,” he added. And the astronauts’ bodies produced more red blood cells to make up for the extra destroyed cells.

The question now, Trudel said, is how long can the body continue to produce red blood cells with a 50 percent increase? NASA says the estimated time for a round trip to Mars is two years.

“If you’re on your way to Mars and you don’t stand up” to the need to make more red blood cells “you’re in serious trouble,” Trudel said.

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