American softness .. and “there is nothing for free”

American softness .. and “there is nothing for free”
American softness .. and “there is nothing for free”

It was stated in “Central”:

In the next few days and weeks, the Lebanese arena will witness a return to the American movement, along the lines of more than one major vital economic file, which may, in fact, be interconnected. Yesterday, progress was recorded on the issue of electricity.

Prime Minister Najib Mikati received the US ambassador to Lebanon, Dorote Shea, at the Grand Serail, carrying a message. She said: I conveyed to Prime Minister Najib Mikati an official letter from the US Treasury, in which she answered some of the concerns the Lebanese authorities had regarding regional energy agreements that the United States helped facilitate and encourage between Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt. There will be no US sanctions law concerns, and this delivered message represents a forward momentum and a major event as we continue to make progress towards more sustainable and cleaner energy to help address the energy crisis facing the Lebanese people.

As for the coming weeks, it is assumed that Amos Hochstein will return to Beirut as the American mediator in the negotiations delineating the disputed maritime borders between Lebanon and Israel. In Bahr last week, Lebanese sources concerned with the file confirmed this information to Al Markaziya, but indicated that the date of the visit remains subject to the decision to lift the travel ban on foreign ministry workers until the end of January, unless there are exceptions.

In any case, Foreign Minister Abdullah Bouhabib made it clear to President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, on Thursday that “American officials reiterated their support for bringing gas and electricity to Lebanon from Egypt and Jordan through Syria to enhance electric power production, and to exclude Lebanon from the restrictions set by the “Caesar Law”, and that This matter was reported to the Egyptian officials.” He pointed out that “American officials encourage the process of demarcating the southern maritime borders, and that the American envoy in charge of this task, Amos Hochstein, will come to Lebanon within the next few days to resume his efforts with the aim of moving this file.”

Is there a relationship between the American electrical elasticity and the return of Hochstein? According to what diplomatic sources say to Al Markaziya, nothing is free for the US administration. If the facilitation of electricity access to Beirut, via Egypt, was revealed by the United States shortly after the Secretary-General of Hezbollah announced that it had imported Iranian oil to Lebanon last summer, in order to show the party’s small step with limited effects in exchange for the comprehensive and sustainable American proposal that serves all the American people, then floating it Today, and the release of the exemptions from Caesar at this time, it may be intended to obtain a flexible Lebanese position on the issue of the demarcation negotiations in a way that facilitates Hochstein’s mediation and allows the Lebanese and Israeli sides to start excavations quickly. Washington is aware that Lebanon is crammed “electrically” and “economically”, and what the United States is offering to it today helps the state on these two lines: first, it improves nutrition, and secondly, in the long run, it allows it to benefit from its much-needed oil wealth.

In return for the beginning, the sources say, from this angle, it is possible to link the two files, and it remains to be seen if the state will benefit from the American flexibility…

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