“Amika” .. a robot with amazing realistic expressions

“Amika” .. a robot with amazing realistic expressions
“Amika” .. a robot with amazing realistic expressions

Researchers have developed a robot described as the most advanced in the world, and it was called “Amika”. It was created in a British laboratory with frighteningly realistic movements and expressions.

Cornwall-based Architected Arts, which bills itself as the “UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of human entertainment robots”, unveiled the device in a YouTube video.

Many viewers were amazed at how realistic the humanoid robot was.

Some people have compared Amica to a robot, a 2004 science fiction movie starring Will Smith that sees intelligent robots occupying public service positions in a dystopian world.

In the video, the robot is shown moving its shoulder, before opening its eyes and expressing a somewhat convincing look of shock or surprise. He even blinks a few times and curiously notices his robotic arm.

The clip ends with Amica reaching out and admiring the combination of limbs, mechanical straps, actuators and arrays of sensors. It’s certainly realistic and at the forefront of its art expression, but the next challenge will be getting these robots to roam.

The manufacturer said there is still a long way to go, but added that the face is on an “artificial humanoid body (AI x AB)” featuring a “robust Tritium robot operating system”. The cost of the robot was not disclosed because it is still under development.


Amika robot amazing realistic expressions

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