“The rule of the military will not be thankful”, “Civilianism is the choice of the people”… Thousands of anti-army protesters demonstrate in Sudan

“The rule of the military will not be thankful”, “Civilianism is the choice of the people”… Thousands of anti-army protesters demonstrate in Sudan
“The rule of the military will not be thankful”, “Civilianism is the choice of the people”… Thousands of anti-army protesters demonstrate in Sudan

Thousands of protesters went out on Thursday in Sudan, raising slogans against the army, most notably the overthrow of “military rule”, despite the return of civilian Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok to his position following an agreement with Lieutenant-General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, which angered the street.

Thousands of protesters came out Thursday in several areas of the city Sudan Demanding the overthrow of “military rule” despite a controversial agreement that restored civilian Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok to his position after he was dismissed by a decision of army chief Lieutenant-General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan on October 25.

The demonstrators in Omdurman chanted: “The rule of the military does not give thanks” and “Civility is the choice of the people.” “The people want to overthrow the regime,” protesters chanted on Sitteen Street in central Khartoum, borrowing the same slogan that has been echoed in Cairo, Tunisia and several Arab capitals since the Arab Quarter protests of 2011.

The demonstrators in the Sudanese capital also chanted against Al-Burhan, accusing him of being linked to the Islamists and the regime of Omar al-Bashir, which was toppled following a popular uprising in 2019. Loudspeakers were hung that began broadcasting songs that were also heard during the demonstrations against al-Bashir.

“Million of Loyalty to the Martyrs”

Demonstrators also came out in Darfur (west), North Kordofan (central) and southern Khartoum.

And on Sunday, Al-Burhan responded in form to the demands of the international community to return Hamdok to the presidency of the government and pledge to release the politicians who were arrested after his coup against his civilian partners in the institutions of the transitional authority that is supposed to lead the country towards civilian rule through general elections in 2023.

But the demonstrators did not accept this agreement, which the SPA, which played a pivotal role in the uprising that toppled Omar al-Bashir in April 2019, described as “betrayal” and “political suicide” for Hamdok.

Several days ago, activists on social networks called for new demonstrations on Thursday, calling them “a million loyalty to the martyrs” who fell during the security forces’ response to the protests against the decisions of Al-Burhan, which led to 42 deaths and hundreds of injuries, according to the Doctors Syndicate that supports purely civilian rule.

After his return to office, Hamdok promised to relaunch the transitional phase to democracy.

These new protests are a “test” for the Sudanese authorities

Although Hamdok was returned to his position, Al-Burhan maintained the new formation of the Sovereignty Council, the supreme authority during the transitional period, which excluded representatives of the Forces of Freedom and Change (the main civil bloc that signed a power-sharing agreement with the army after the overthrow of al-Bashir).

Al-Burhan retained the presidency of this council and retained its deputy, Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo, known as “Hamdati,” the commander of the Rapid Support Forces, a militia accused of committing numerous abuses and violations in Darfur.

While international human rights organizations and the international community have condemned in recent weeks the repression of demonstrators, the United Nations envoy to Sudan, Folk Perthes, called for avoiding “bloodshed and arbitrary arrests” during Thursday’s demonstrations.

He said that these new protests are a “test” for the Sudanese authorities, to whom a large part of the international aid allocated to them is still suspended and whose membership in the African Union is still suspended.


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