Russian military satellite arrives in orbit

Russian military satellite arrives in orbit
Russian military satellite arrives in orbit

Moscow – AFP

On Thursday, a Russian military satellite reached its designated orbit, according to specialized media, and it may form part of the anti-missile space shield, about which many details were not given to the public. The satellite was launched at 1:09 GMT from the Plesetsk station in the northwest of the country, by a Soyuz 2.1b rocket, according to images broadcast by the Russian Space Agency.

The Russian Defense Ministry said, according to the Russian news agency, Interfax, that the satellite had successfully reached the orbit intended by the Russian Defense Ministry.

According to the “Space Flight Now” website, which specializes in space launches, this satellite is most likely an early warning device of the “Tundra” type, and Russia put it into orbit in the years 2015, 2017 and 2019.

According to another specialized media, the Russian Space Web, the satellite that was launched belongs to a space anti-missile shield called “COBOL”, which Moscow revealed in detail in December 2019.

This system aims to detect from space the launch of ballistic missiles, their trajectory and the target area, according to documents submitted at the time by the Russian General Staff.

Russia has had a “space force” integrated with its air force since 2015 and its main role is to wage anti-missile war, and it has been accused for years of militarizing space. Moscow, in turn, accuses the United States of the same.


Russian military satellite arrives orbit

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