The Spanish authorities have developed a new ship to rescue submarines

The Armstrade website, which specializes in military affairs, stated that Spain plans to develop a new ship that will be used in submarine and ship rescue operations.

According to the website, the Spanish Ministry of Defense signed a contract with Navantia to develop a new BAM-IS marine rescue ship, and the ship is supposed to be developed at one of the company’s shipyards in Puerto Real. He pointed out that the contract, which amounted to 166.46 million euros, provides for the development of the ship with its equipment to be delivered to the Spanish Ministry of Defense within approximately 3 years.

The new ship will be approximately 85 meters long, 18 meters wide, and a water displacement rate of 5,000 tons. It will also be able to transport a crew of 48 people in addition to an additional 36 people. It will be equipped with small guided submarines, and winches capable of carrying heavy weights. The Spanish company Navantia is working on many projects to develop ships and submarines for the country’s army, as it is developing 4 new submarines of the S-80 class, as well as developing the SMART 4000 project, which has great capabilities to hide from radars.


Spanish authorities developed ship rescue submarines

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