A new series for menopausal skin care

A new series for menopausal skin care
A new series for menopausal skin care

Menopause is characterized by a decrease in the production of the reproductive hormones, estrogen and progesterone, which disrupts the biological clock in the body and disrupts the activity of skin cells and they lose their rate of regeneration, as a result the skin ages accelerates and becomes drier and loses density and firmness.

Lirac Paris Laboratories has developed a new series of products, designed for menopause called: Arkskin, which relies on the most innovative technology in the world for the dedicated treatment of menopausal skin.

The Arkskin series is a complete 24/7 program for renewal and preservation of the skin during menopause and includes a pair of core products for the treatment of facial skin day and night. The preparations restore the biological balance to the skin, correct the effect of hormonal aging of the skin, re-synchronize the natural rhythms of the skin helping it to regenerate, balance and solidify.

Arkskin cream for the day – Re-activates and re-activates the skin protection during the day – with an absorbent and refreshing texture and with a stimulating rose scent. Consumer price: 219 NIS contains 50 ml

Arkskin Serum Night – Encourages the action of skin regeneration during the night, with a silky texture with a soothing magnolia scent. Consumer price: 219 NIS contains 50 ml

The Arkskin Menopause Series – Day Cream and Night Serum Price 219 NIS per product Photo: Assaf Levy

The Arkskin series was developed in collaboration with Dr. Christina Magioni from the University of Milan, a gynecologist – psychologist – endocrinologist – physiotherapist who specializes in hormonal disorders, and a menopausal specialist. The series is innovative and based on the latest research in chronobiology The transition has scientifically proven effectiveness based on 7 clinical studies conducted worldwide.

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