A man gets an artificial eye using a 3D printer

A man gets an artificial eye using a 3D printer
A man gets an artificial eye using a 3D printer

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Steve Farz is the first person to receive a 3D-prosthetic eye

Steve Varz will become the first person in the world to receive an artificial eye produced using a 3D printer.

Farz is undergoing surgery at Moorfield Hospital, east of the British capital, London, on Thursday.

The new eye is expected to become the beginning of a technology that provides better eyes, and is more effective than the usual artificial eyes.

The new technology is expected to reduce the waiting time in British hospitals for patients who need to have artificial eyes fitted in half, bringing the waiting period to about three weeks only, instead of a month and a half.

“I’ve needed a prosthetic eye, since I was 20, and I’ve always worried about it,” said Farz, who is in his 40s.

“Before I leave my house, I often look again in the mirror, and I didn’t like the way my eyes looked,” he added.

He continued, “As for the new eye, it looks natural, and with the use of 3D printing technology, it will be better and better.”

It is usual for people who need an artificial eye to conduct a session that lasts about two hours to completely scan the eye socket, using imaging rays before printing the appropriate eye.

The new technology will reduce the production period of the artificial eye to between two and three weeks.

Mandeep Sajo, optometrist at the hospital, expressed the enthusiasm of the team to start using the new digital eye, and to identify the differences between it and the usual artificial eye in practice.

“It will definitely reduce the waiting time for patients,” Sago said.


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