“Botswana” … a new mutation of “Corona” worries the world

“Botswana” … a new mutation of “Corona” worries the world
“Botswana” … a new mutation of “Corona” worries the world

Scientists have warned of a new mutation of the Corona virus that causes “Covid-19” disease, due to the presence of a huge number of mutations in it, which makes it a major threat to public health.

And the British newspaper “The Independent” reported, Thursday, that the scientists named “Botswana” or “B1. 1529”, may lead to a further outbreak of the Corona virus.

The first case of the “Botswana” mutant was diagnosed in the Republic of Botswana, in southern Africa, and 6 other cases were later found in South Africa, the neighboring country.

After that, an eighth injury was found in Hong Kong, he was returning from South Africa.

In general, sudden mutations allow viruses to adapt and make them more virulent, more able to evade natural immunity and vaccines.

And virologist at Imperial College London, Tom Peacock, considered that this mutant could be a real concern, because the 32 mutations that were detected in the “spike protein” found on the surface of the “Corona” virus, enable it to easily evade human immunity, and thus the virus spread quickly. between humans.

This protein is known to be responsible for carrying out the process of virus attachment to and invasion of human cells.

This variant should be closely monitored, Peacock said, as the large spike in mutations makes it more contagious than any other.


Botswana mutation Corona worries world

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