Dinosaur storms the United Nations hall, warning the world (video)

Dinosaur storms the United Nations hall, warning the world (video)
Dinosaur storms the United Nations hall, warning the world (video)

In a remarkable event, the United Nations summoned an “extraordinary witness” to testify about the dangers of burning fossil fuels and their exacerbation of global warming.

A witness was a “ferocious dinosaur” that stormed the General Assembly hall of the International Organization, warning diplomats of the climate crisis and participating in the “Do not choose extinction” campaign.

According to the United Nations website, the United Nations Development Program has released a short film about Frankie, a dinosaur standing on the United Nations platform, addressing the world on climate issues.
The film, the first ever produced inside the General Assembly Hall, was made using computer-generated imagery, known as “CGI,” and is a cornerstone of the agency’s recent campaign to emphasize the importance of climate issues under the slogan “Don’t Choose Extinction.”

The film featured international celebrities expressing dinosaurs in several languages, including actors Isa Gonzalez (in Spanish), Nikolai Coster-Waldau (Danish), and Issa Maiga (in French).
“It is time for humans to stop making excuses and start making changes to tackle the climate crisis,” the dinosaur advised the diplomats sitting in the hall.
In context, UNDP research released as part of the campaign shows that the world spends $423 billion annually just to subsidize fossil fuels, enough to cover the COVID-19 vaccination for every person in the world or three times the annual amount needed to eradicate global extreme poverty.

In the film, the dinosaur is shown saying, “Think of all the other things you can do with that money. People all over the world live in poverty. Don’t you think helping them would make more sense than… paying for the demise of your entire species?” The diplomats stressed the dangers of burning fossil fuels, and their role in exacerbating global warming, pointing to the popular theory that explains the extinction of the dinosaurs 70 million years ago, noting: “At least we had a planet .. What’s your excuse?”


Dinosaur storms United Nations hall warning world video

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