Arrest of “the dumbest thief in Egypt”

Arrest of “the dumbest thief in Egypt”
Arrest of “the dumbest thief in Egypt”

Thieves are characterized by cunning and cunning, but this thief deviated from the rule, as he stole a phone and uploaded personal photos of him to the Facebook account of the original phone owner in a strange incident.

The Egyptian media published details of the fall of what it described as “the stupidest thief in Egypt”, after a person stole the phone of a merchant in the city of Tahta, Sohag Governorate.

After the thief stole the phone, he posted his picture with a stupid smile on his victim’s Facebook page, where the thief insisted on completing his plan with more surprising steps, to fall into the grip of security in Assiut Governorate while trying to sell the phone he stole.

According to the Egyptian media, the thief acted in the manner of the movie “Stupid in it”, after he seized the mobile phone, where he photographed himself and the corners of his face, and then published a set of photos on the Facebook account of the victim’s merchant, which is loaded on his stolen phone, to be circulated on a wide scale. Wide.

In a similar incident, the theft of the phone of the editor of the Seventh Day newspaper received the largest share of the attention of the pioneers of social networking sites in Egypt during the past days, as the “thief of the seventh day” led the trend, circulating a funny video of the thief while he stole the phone of the correspondent of the Egyptian newspaper, “The Seventh Day”, during a live broadcast. on Facebook”.

The reporter was speaking, in a live broadcast on the newspaper’s Facebook page, about the earthquake that struck the Mediterranean region, and was felt by the residents of Egypt, Turkey and Palestine.

While commenting on the news of the earthquake, the journalist was surprised by the theft of his mobile phone on top of the ring bridge next to the Bahtim area in Shubra Al-Khaimah, during the live, and the thief appeared completely while he was on a motorcycle, and tens of thousands of citizens watched the incident, who were watching the live broadcast that was broadcast next to the stairs of the residences ESCWA, affiliated to the Bahteem district in Shubra El-Kheima.

The video spread widely on the social media platforms, amid widespread ridicule from the followers, some of whom described the incident as the “failest theft in history.”

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