Assad: Syria is doing what it can to develop in the military fields

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad confirms that America has spent trillions of dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan for American companies and the supply of weapons.

  • Assad: There are more American wars and more defeats, and the wheel will keep spinning in the same frame

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad affirmed that Syria, “in the midst of the war, is doing what it can for development in the military, economic, organizational and ideological fields.”

During his visit to the Higher Military Academy in Damascus and his meeting with the graduate officers of the thirty-sixth session, al-Assad said, “It is said that America spent a trillion dollars in Iraq, it spent such a trillion dollars in Afghanistan, on whom did it spend trillions? It was spent on the Iraqi people, I mean? It was spent on the Afghan people? It was spent on American companies, a supply of weapons, a supply of various equipment.”

He added, “So the process of wars is a dollar for the Americans, and this dollar is in the interest of American companies, so we have to expect that after the defeat of Afghanistan, after the defeat of Iraq, after the defeat of Somalia in 1994, and after the defeat of Vietnam, there will be more wars and more defeats, and the wheel will remain in the same frame.” “.

Al-Assad continued, “What does this mean? It means that there is no place in this turbulent world except for one thing that is steadfastness. The countries that persevere and that follow the path of steadfastness are the ones that find a place for them in this world, whether they are small countries looking for a regional place within their regional interests or A major country is looking for a position on the international scene, and the peoples that persevere find a home for them, without steadfastness there is no homeland.

Assad: We should not remain steadfast in the negative and defensive sense

He added: “The steadfastness that I am talking about is positive steadfastness, and positive steadfastness is similar to the state of defense. When the battle is over or the war ends, we will do this. No, we are in the midst of the war doing what we can do for development.”

He also added, “When we talk about science and knowledge, we cannot separate between leadership and knowledge, and we cannot separate between the personality of the leader and the knowledge of the leader, and it is your duty to continue developing your knowledge because the leader is distinguished from subordinates, not by military rank, but by knowledge. More than that, the knowledge of the leader does not stop at Military sciences, but expands to include all fields, including politics.

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