A distress call on Facebook.. The liquidation of a criminal who terrorized the residents of an Egyptian city

The Egyptian security services managed to liquidate a dangerous criminal who threatened to burn a girl and her family, and caused panic and terrorized the people of the city of Tama in Sohag, in the north of the country.

During the past few days, a video of a girl from the city of Tama in Sohag called, Omnia Mohamed Khaled, which she posted on Facebook, sparked great interaction and interest in Egypt.

In the video, the girl said that she resides in Jawad Hosni Street, and requests the arrest of the criminal who is besieging their house and the street with bombs, firearms and gas cylinders, revealing that the accused who threatens to burn her and her family is called Amr Al-Shafei Jaber Suleiman Al-Ahmar.

The security forces surrounded the apartment in which the dangerous criminal was holed up for days until they were able to liquidate him after an exchange of fire.

The Ministry of Interior revealed the circumstances of the incident, and stated that it had monitored a video clip on the social networking site that included a distress for one of the girls as a result of one of her relatives, who is unemployed and residing in Sohag, intimidated and threatened her father and her area due to financial disputes between them.

The ministry stated that by examining the incident, it was found that the accused had been previously accused in 19 cases of premeditated murder, a firearm, drugs, beating and attempted murder. “Dissipation and Hitting”, and is required to be arrested and brought in a shooting case.

The ministry added that after legalizing the procedures, he was targeted in his home, and upon sensing the forces, he fired a hail of bullets towards them, and the forces exchanged fire on him, which resulted in his death, and a machine gun, 4 fire safes and a number of bullets were found in his possession. The prosecutor’s office, which conducted the investigation, was notified.

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