Eyes on Iron Dome again.. What does Israel expect about Hezbollah’s missiles?

Egyptian military analyst Major General Samir Ragheb commented on Israel’s replacement of the Iron Dome system with other defensive systems.

In an interview with Russia Today, Ragheb said: “With this year’s celebration of the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the “Iron Dome” system, talk comes back to the efficiency of the system, which was developed by the Israeli Ministry of Defense and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, one of the giants of the Israeli industry. The Israeli defense, which receives financial support from the United States, has even supplied two systems to the American army. The system intercepted more than 2,500 Palestinian missiles before the last Gaza war. It became the cornerstone of the multi-layered Israeli air defense, which includes the medium-range David’s Sling system, and the Arrow system (Arrow). ) long-range, in addition to the American-made Patriot system.”

He added, “The challenge remains to confront the small rockets of the Grad and Qassam type, which fall on the settlements surrounding the Gaza Strip and cause life to stop and stay in shelters and require a large density of the Iron Dome system, and the high costs of anti-missiles are tens of thousands of dollars in exchange for a few hundred resistance missiles.” A great challenge prompted the search for a new, high-accuracy, low-cost addition, to be an addition to the system and not a replacement for one system or another, and at the forefront of the development proposals was the use of lasers to intercept short-range missiles in the Gaza envelope, especially since the laser beam costs a few dollars, i.e. low costs.

He pointed out that “in the recent war between Israel and Hamas, the two sides declared victory. From the Palestinian resistance’s point of view, the key to victory is the missile system and the success of 60 missiles in penetrating the Iron Dome and reaching targets deep inside Israel.”

On the other hand, for Israel, the key to its success was the Iron Dome system, which uses radar and missiles to intercept missiles and other threats, which achieved relative security for civilians and vital Israeli targets from the threat of 4,340 missiles that the Israeli army says have been launched from Gaza since Hamas took control of the country. sector”.

Ragheb explained that “the Israeli preparations and development of the air defense system are not directed at the threats of the Palestinian resistance’s missiles from the Gaza Strip only, but also to confront the threats in a multi-front war, in which Gaza is one of the sides.”

He said, “Israel expects Hezbollah to launch 2,000 missiles per day, taking into account Iranian missiles in an upcoming war. The Israeli exercises reflect the readiness to face a missile rain of up to 3,000 missiles per day in a future conflict, and the capabilities of air defense systems are being developed, modernized and added.” multi-layered for such a scenario.”

(Russia Today)


Eyes Iron Dome Israel expect Hezbollahs missiles

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