Russia records new infections with a new strain of Corona on its territory

Russia records a number of infections with the new “AY.4.2” strain of the Corona virus, and Russian President Vladimir Putin approves a week-long paid public holiday to combat the spread of the pandemic.

  • The level of vaccination in Russia is still low, despite the registration of a number of infections with a new mutant of Corona

Kamil Khvizov, director of the Center for Disease Diagnostics of the Russian Federal Consumer Protection Service, announced the registration of a number of infections with the new “AY.4.2” strain of the Corona virus in Russia.

Today, Thursday, Khvizov told reporters, “Yes, some cases of the new AY.4.2 strain of coronavirus have already been detected in Russia.”

He warned that there is a high possibility of this strain spreading on a large scale in Russia, and in the world as a whole, stressing that the pace of spread is increasing, ruling out that this strain is the reason for the continued rise in the number of coronavirus infections in various countries.

He confirmed that the coronavirus vaccines used in Russia are effective against the new “AY.4.2” strain.

Last Tuesday, Britain announced that it was “closely following” the spread of a new sub-mutant of the Corona virus, which is (AY4.2) branched from the highly contagious “Delta”.

Against the background of the high number of Corona virus victims in the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to impose a paid public holiday, from the current October 30 to November 7, and said that this period may start earlier than that or It may extend in certain areas.

Putin pointed out that the rate of vaccination in the country is still low, which led to the rapid spread of the epidemic, and urged citizens to receive the vaccine.

On Tuesday, the Moscow municipality imposed a four-month ban on leaving the home for people over the age of 60, unless they had received the coronavirus vaccine.

The Russian presidential spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, confirmed recently that the level of vaccination in the country is low, which contributes to the high number of deaths, adding that Russian President Vladimir Putin is closely following the situation of the virus in Russia.

And the competent Russian health authorities announced the registration of 34,073 new infections in the country and 1,028 deaths yesterday, Wednesday, bringing the total injuries since the beginning of the pandemic to more than 8 million and 94 thousand, according to the “Worldmetric” website.

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