Doctors succeed in transplanting a pig’s kidney into a human being

A team of American scientists managed to successfully transfer a kidney from a genetically modified pig to a human, so that it could function normally.

According to the American newspaper, “The New York Times”, the transplant was carried out on a person who was on a respirator, and his brain died.

According to surgeon Robert Montgomery, the kidneys “almost immediately” began producing urine and waste products.

The doctor believes that genetically modified pigs could become a “sustainable and renewable” source for organ transplants.

According to the newspaper, the success of this experiment, as well as the success of other organ transplants, will solve the problems of 100,000 Americans on the transplant waiting list, including more than 90,000 who need a kidney.

The newspaper stresses that the results of the study have not been reviewed and published yet.


Doctors succeed transplanting pigs kidney human

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