N12 – USA: Train passengers witnessed rape in caravan

N12 – USA: Train passengers witnessed rape in caravan
N12 – USA: Train passengers witnessed rape in caravan

Piston Ngoy, 35, is suspected of violently raping a passenger in a train car in southeast Philadelphia in front of other passengers. U.S. media reports indicate that none of the passengers who witnessed the incident actually called for help or tried to prevent the aggravated rape that was estimated to last 8 minutes. And if that was not terrible enough, some of the passengers even recorded the rape on their cell phones.

The news of the incident is stirring the United States today. According to reports, police checked the security camera of the train that passed in southeast Philadelphia, where they saw a man coming up shortly after the woman and settling next to her. With the victim then becoming more and more aggressive, he eventually tore her clothes and attacked her. “He sat next to her for a conversation,” Bernhardt said. “Then he just pounced on her and raped her by force.”

The incident was reported only long after it was started by one of the Philadelphia Department of Transportation facts. She called the principal and reported the case. According to a spokesman for the director of transportation, the attack lasted about eight minutes – and if one of the passengers had called for help – part of the incident would have been avoided. “If someone who had witnessed this had called the emergency services (911), we might have been able to intervene even earlier,” a principal spokesman said. “It probably started before the employee who was on the train noticed what was happening.”

“There were a lot of people, in my opinion, who needed to intervene,” a state police chief said. “Someone had to do something. It says something about where our society is, who allows something like that to happen?” After the suspect was arrested, the woman, whose identity was not revealed in the United States, was “evacuated to a hospital.”

According to court records, the suspect, Piston Ngoy, was charged with a number of crimes, including rape and aggravated assault. Police say he is homeless and is currently being held in a Delaware County Jail on $ 180,000 bail.

“I spoke to the victim yesterday, and she’s a strong woman that it’s unbelievable,” Bernhardt said. “She told us what happened and now she’s trying to work to overcome it.” A spokesman for the administration explained to reporters that police officers belonging to the transport administration and some unarmed guards regularly patrol train stations and carriages. They mainly enforce robbery and theft. Following this sexual assault, he said, the authority is considering increasing its presence.

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