Mia Khalifa reveals her exposure to “exploitation”: I want to protect other women

“I want to protect other women,” with this phrase, former adult film star Mia Khalifa talks about her experience in making adult films, which she describes as a “cautionary story” that she wants her to warn about the dangers of this experience, and the exploitation she was subjected to, she said.

Khalifa, 28, told Yahoo Live that she was struggling with confidence, and starred in 12 films that garnered more than one billion views on the Pornhub website, but she did not benefit from these views on the financial front.

Khalifa earned just $1,000 per movie, or a total of $12,000 for the films she starred in. While her videos have earned millions of dollars, due to the contract she signed, Khalifa does not earn any extra money, she says.

Khalifa also does not own any ownership of the videos and images on the Internet, which is the content that she struggles to remove.

Khalifa stressed that these contracts include a lot of linguistic terms, loopholes and twisted ways that make the signatories “victims”, considering that “anyone who does not have a legal background will not understand the aforementioned clauses.”

Khalifa, who says she is concerned about her psychological and mental health, reinforces her presence on social media (she has more than 53 million followers on Instagram and Tik Tok) to interact with other women who share their experience of “exploitation”.

“I draw my confidence from the experiences of women who have been through much worse things than I have, especially those who are brave enough to show their faces online and share their experiences,” she said.


Mia Khalifa reveals exposure exploitation protect women

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