Learn about the nationality of the “dancing hostesses” on Muhammad Ramadan’s plane

Learn about the nationality of the “dancing hostesses” on Muhammad Ramadan’s plane
Learn about the nationality of the “dancing hostesses” on Muhammad Ramadan’s plane

Sources in the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority revealed, on Wednesday, the nationality of the crew of the private plane, who appeared in a video broadcast by artist Mohamed Ramadan on his personal page on social networking sites.

She explained that the hospitality crew, who appeared with him dancing, was German, not Egyptian, and belonged to a German airline.

He pointed out that the civil aviation authority has no authority over them, because they are not subject to the authority of the Egyptian civil aviation, and the authority has no right to interfere, even if the plane is inside Egyptian airspace.

The sources denied the hospitality crew’s affiliation with one of the national companies, pointing out that the Egyptian hospitality crews enjoy a professional and moral responsibility, because their work is humanitarian in the first place, and they have a specific job stipulated internationally, foremost of which is passenger service and assistance during flights and the provision of ambulance service, or medical assistance. And other legitimate services that passengers need, according to Sky News.

It also deals with any violation or violation of the terms of the travel document on flights in any way, especially if it comes to violating the privacy of others, or violating security standards.

The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, had published a video showing two hosts dancing with him to the tunes of one of his songs that were recently released, while he was heading to El Gouna.

The video recalled the crisis of pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr, who died recently after allowing the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, to be in the cockpit, as the act caused the latter to submit to the Civil Aviation Authority, which canceled his flight license for life and punished his assistant, suspending his license for a whole year.

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