“No breakthroughs” in the “Hamas” meetings in Cairo

“No breakthroughs” in the “Hamas” meetings in Cairo
“No breakthroughs” in the “Hamas” meetings in Cairo

Palestinian sources familiar with the discussions that took place between Egyptian officials and the “Hamas” leadership in Cairo said that no substantive breakthrough occurred, but it was agreed to push the efforts forward.

The sources added, “There is no agreement on a prisoner exchange deal, and there is no agreement on a long truce, there is no final agreement on reconstruction, projects, or even the Qatari grant to Hamas government employees. Because of the many complications and the intransigence of the Israelis on some issues.” The Hamas leadership discussed with Egyptian officials many files related to the truce and reconciliation, the reconstruction of Gaza, the exchange deal, the commercial movement, the Rafah crossing, and the situation in Jerusalem as well. The sources confirmed, “The meetings were long and very positive, in which the Egyptians expressed full understanding of (Hamas) demands regarding the situation in Gaza, but they demanded more patience.”

According to the sources, Egypt will transfer the most important of what was agreed upon to Israel, in an attempt to accomplish something. An Israeli security delegation is expected to arrive in Cairo soon, and a security delegation usually flies to Cairo in order to follow up on the truce negotiations, the exchange deal, and other security issues.

A delegation comprising members of the political bureau of Hamas, headed by Ismail Haniyeh, head of the bureau, arrived in Cairo on Sunday, and held there the first face-to-face meeting of its kind, including heads and members of the regions, since its election in its last session, which began at the beginning of this year and ended in late July. (July). He also later met with the head of Egyptian intelligence, Abbas Kamel.

Hamas issued two statements after the end of its meetings in Cairo, which included accusations of Israel’s intransigence.

On Wednesday, Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem said that his movement did not reach a long-term truce agreement with Israel, denying some press reports on the matter. Qassem did not provide further details about his movement’s delegation’s visit to Cairo, but Hamas issued a statement in which it said that its delegation met the Egyptian Minister of Intelligence, Major General Abbas Kamel, in a positive atmosphere and mutual understanding, where the two sides discussed many issues at the level of political and field developments. Bilateral relations, ways to achieve the unity of the Palestinian people, and the internal arrangement of the house.

Hamas said that during the meeting, the developments in the Palestinian cause and the region in general were discussed, and the movement’s leadership affirmed clear and firm positions within the framework of the national liberation project. According to a Hamas statement, the two sides discussed “the developments of the hot files and the behavior of the occupation in them, especially the issue of Jerusalem in general, Sheikh Jarrah and the practices and plans of the occupation in this regard, and ways to curb the occupation’s behavior and procedures in Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa.” The meeting also dealt with “the issue of prisoners in occupation prisons in general, and administrative prisoners in particular, and the suffering they are going through, stressing the Egyptian role in reaching a prisoner exchange agreement in light of the intransigence of the occupation and the lack of progress in this file.”

The Hamas leadership delegation expressed its appreciation for the steps taken by Egypt towards the Gaza Strip, whether on the issue of the Rafah crossing, or measures to ease the siege and participate in the reconstruction and rebuilding of what was destroyed by the occupation, while calling for more such steps, especially those related to the travel of citizens and movement. commercial. The two sides discussed ways to restore national unity and arrange the Palestinian house, where the delegation affirmed the movement’s keenness and adherence to restoring unity and ending division, expressing its appreciation for the Egyptian role and the tireless efforts exerted by Egypt in this.

The delegation stressed that, in light of the experience over the past years, the correct approach to achieving unity is the rebuilding of the Liberation Organization, and the formation of the national leadership that unites the Palestinian people, in which all forces participate, and represents our people at home and abroad. Egypt is working with the United Nations and others to reach a final agreement in Gaza.

On Wednesday, two delegations from the United Nations and the European Union arrived separately to the Gaza Strip, through the Erez checkpoint. The UN Humanitarian Coordinator arrived in the Palestinian Territories, Lynn Hastinger, accompanied by a large delegation of UN officials working in the Office of the UN Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process.

During her visit, which lasted for a few hours, Hastinger inspected the humanitarian and life situation in the Gaza Strip, before meeting with UN officials and human rights and civil authorities to review the situation. The representative of the European Union in Palestine, Sven Burgsdorff, accompanied by a delegation of European officials arrived and inspected the Union’s projects there.

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