Le Figaro: Algeria does not consider Macron’s calls for calm as a solution to the crisis between the two countries

Relations between Algeria and France are still tense, following President Emmanuel Macron’s recent statements, despite showing his sympathy for Algeria. And “Le Figaro” newspaper quotes a source close to the Algerian presidency that its position will remain firm and will not change the problem between the two countries.

  • The relationship between Algeria and France is still tense

The French newspaper “Le Figaro” said that the Algerian presidency has not changed its position, which it announced in an official statement on October 2, in response to the statements of French President Emmanuel Macron.

The same newspaper quoted a source close to the Algerian presidency, that “the Algerian position will remain constant towards official France,” noting that Macron’s statements calling for calm “will not change anything.”

According to the source, “Macron’s statements regarding the friendly relations he has with Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune will not change Algeria’s position, since the problem is between two countries, and it is not a personal problem.”

He pointed out that “Algeria will remain non-interacting with such calls by the French President, in the face of the attempts to calm down, by his wooing President Tebboune.”

These positions come after the crisis provoked by the French President’s statements in which he questioned the existence of an “Algerian nation”.

Algeria responded with a set of measures, announcing the closure of its airspace to French fighters operating in the African Sahel region, and recalling its ambassador in Paris for “consultations.”

After that, French President Emmanuel Macron stressed the need to “continue to work with Algeria”, hoping that the current “diplomatic tensions” would soon subside.

Macron expressed his confidence in Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, stressing that relations with him are “really friendly”, calling for continuing to “examine our history with Algeria with humility and respect.”


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