Al-Quds News Agency – Abbas continues to beg for meetings, and Lapid is following in Shaked’s footsteps

Al-Quds News Agency – Abbas continues to beg for meetings, and Lapid is following in Shaked’s footsteps
Al-Quds News Agency – Abbas continues to beg for meetings, and Lapid is following in Shaked’s footsteps

The head of the “Limited Self-Government Authority” besieged in the district headquarters in Ramallah, and who has been excluded from international, Palestinian and Arab meetings, since the White House announced the closure of its doors in its face, continues to move towards the Zionist enemy entity, begging for a meeting that may contribute to dismantling the “jinx” and returning it to a circle Communications taking place in a non-capital, particularly Cairo.

After the fascist Interior Minister of the Zionist entity, Ayelet Shaked, rejected Abbas’s invitation, the office of the foreign minister of the enemy entity, Yair Lapid, announced the idea of ​​meeting the Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas, at his headquarters in Ramallah, ruling out the possibility of a meeting between the two parties in the near future, according to what was reported. Channel 12 Hebrew.

This position of Lapid’s office comes in response to the news published by the Hebrew Channel 12, on Wednesday evening, according to which the PA president invited the Israeli foreign minister, through the Meretz party delegation, which visited the boycott last Sunday, to meet in the boycott..

According to the Hebrew channel, the PA president sent the Meretz delegation a message that he wanted to meet Lapid, while the Foreign Minister’s office denied the existence of such a message and invitation, but made it clear that “Lapid is not interested in meeting Abbas at this stage.”“.

The President of the Palestinian Authority had previously sent the Minister of Interior of Israel, Ayelet Shaked, an invitation through the Meretz delegation to meet with him in the boycott, as Shaked’s response was not long in coming, and she said, “It will not happen.”“.

Following in the footsteps of Shaked, the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs, who stated that his country is in the process of signing more normalization agreements with Arab and Islamic countries, refrains from discussing and commenting on the Palestinian file..

Closing the doors for Mahmoud Abbas in light of the decline in the American interest (and all his followers) in the region, in resuming negotiations between the authority and the enemy entity, given that the path to a two-state solution is “long-term,” as US President Joe Biden said, is a slap to all those who bet on negotiations and the mirage of the “state.” delusional, and those who pursue it will only reap more disappointments and humiliation. At a time when the Palestinian people in all their places of existence, and especially the prisoners among them in particular, affirm their adherence to the option of resistance and confrontation with the enemy entity that only understands the language of resistance, and we, in Gilboa Prison, the heroes of the process of wresting freedom, are the best example and proof that freedom is being snatched away. extortion, and that what was taken by force can only be restored by force…

As for begging and crawling on their stomachs, it will only bring more disappointments and humiliation to their owners…

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