Military helicopter crashes in Tunisia… 3 soldiers killed

A military helicopter crashed in the Hamma region of the Tunisian governorate of Gabes, on Tuesday night, Wednesday, killing 3 soldiers.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, Muhammad Zakri, said in a statement to local media that the military helicopter crashed during a night exercise, noting that a technical committee is investigating the causes of its crash.

In addition, the Ministry of Defense has not yet published any photos from the site of the accident, and the identity and military ranks of the victims have not been announced.

Accidents of military aircraft crashes in Tunisia are extremely rare, as the last incident dates back to a year ago, when a soldier was killed by the crash of a warplane he was driving, on an operational mission in the Ramada region, far south of Tunisia.

previous accidents

And two years before that, in 2018, two soldiers were killed when a training plane crashed in the city of Sfax, eastern Tunisia.

While the largest incidents date back to April of 2002, when a military helicopter crashed during a flight from the military base in Aouina in the capital, Tunis, to the Sidi Ahmed base in Bizerte governorate, killing the Chief of Staff of the Ground Forces at the time, Abdelaziz Skaik and 12 other soldiers.

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