Iran is beating the “drums of war”… and cutting off the atmosphere of Azerbaijan

Iran is beating the “drums of war”… and cutting off the atmosphere of Azerbaijan
Iran is beating the “drums of war”… and cutting off the atmosphere of Azerbaijan

A new Iranian escalation in its crisis with Azerbaijan by banning aircraft carrying Azeri military equipment to the border province of Nakhchivan.

An Azerbaijani military source said, in statements to the official agency in the Persian language, which was followed by the “Al-Ain News” correspondent, that “Iran informed the Azerbaijani side, through official military channels, that it had prohibited the flights carrying military equipment through Iranian airspace to reach the autonomous region of Nakhchivan.” .

On Tuesday, it was scheduled to start military exercises between Azerbaijan and Turkey in the Nakhchivan region (Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic) adjacent to the Iranian border, and Azerbaijan needs to reach it by passing through either West Azerbaijan, which is an Iranian province, or through Armenia.

The Azeri military source added to local media, that “the Iranian operation against Azerbaijan was ordered by Armenia,” describing it as a “treason.”

He added, “Iran’s attempt to target Azerbaijan will not affect the supply of military units in the Nakhchivan region,” noting that Baku does not use this route often and prefers transportation via other routes.

Iran uses the territory of Azerbaijan more in terms of transportation and transit, and the Iranian “Tasnim” news agency reported earlier that “the Republic of Azerbaijan closed today the office of Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran in Baku.”

But the Iranian ambassador in Baku Abbas Mousavi denied the closure of Khamenei’s office, and said, “A religious hussainiya belonging to the Iranian embassy in Baku was closed under the pretext of the Corona pandemic,” noting that “the Iranian embassy submitted a protest note to the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry.

In the past two weeks, some of the moves made by Iran and the statements and threats of the officials of this country against Azerbaijan have caused tensions between the two countries.

In a sharp response to Iran yesterday, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev stressed that his country’s relations with another country (Israel) have nothing to do with Iran, saying that Iranian officials should be held accountable for their slanders and threats.

It seems that the escalation positions issued by Tehran, both political and military, aim to enter into a war with Azerbaijan, a military ally with Turkey, which has relations with Iran, but it is a strong competitor to it militarily, politically and economically.

Iran’s escalation steps come based on allegations that Azerbaijan has opened its territory to Israel to launch attacks against Tehran.

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