8 dead in plane crash in Italy

8 dead in plane crash in Italy
8 dead in plane crash in Italy

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The ambulance service of the Italian region of Lombardy reported that 8 people, including a child, were killed in the crash of a private plane in northern Italy.
“RaiNews24” news channel said that a small private plane, “Piper”, was on its way from Milan to Sardinia, and it fell on the building in which renovation work was taking place, and no one lived in it.
The agency “ANSA” added that the accident occurred near the subway station “San Donato” in southeast Milan, and there were two pilots and six passengers on board the plane.
Sources indicated that she was a Frenchwoman among the dead.
A team of firefighters arrived at the scene, who put out the fire that broke out in the building and in a number of cars parked near it.


dead plane crash Italy

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