“We will take revenge.” Messages revealing the Taliban’s threat to Afghans and their families

Despite the previous assurances issued by the Taliban when they took control of the capital, Kabul, and later confirmed that they would not pursue Afghan citizens who worked in foreign institutions, the facts on the ground began to reveal the facts.

Yesterday, Friday, the Taliban summoned Afghan translators who worked for the Netherlands to appear in court.

The hard-line movement was not satisfied with that, but threatened to retaliate against their relatives if they failed to attend, according to the official Dutch channel NOS. A message from the Taliban, presented by the mentioned channel, revealed the clear and explicit threat.

Letter and accusation of treason

She pointed out that the translators resorted to hiding, but that their family members would be held responsible if they did not appear in court, “in order to inflict severe punishment on them so that the other traitors would learn a lesson.”

As for the person who received that message, according to the channel, he was working for the European Police Agency “Europol” in Afghanistan, and he is accused of receiving “forbidden and shameful money” from foreigners.

A Taliban fighter on a street in Kabul (archive – AFP)

“We will take revenge”

As stated in another message received by a translator who was accused by the Taliban of being responsible for the killing of some of its members, “We will take revenge, and if we are not able to catch you, we will settle the account with your relatives.”

In addition, NOS reported that all indications show that the letters bearing official seals were sent by the Taliban. She said she had contacted about 10 translators or people who had previously worked with the Dutch, all of whom expressed that their situation was becoming increasingly difficult.

Taliban fighters on a street in Kabul (archive – AFP)

It is noteworthy that the movement had urged last June, the translators who worked with foreign forces to repent, but asked them to stay in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of foreign forces, stressing that they would not be harmed.

Immediately after taking office, she also announced a general amnesty for Afghan government and military officials.

But despite its pledge not to retaliate, a confidential United Nations report previously revealed the Taliban’s pursuit of people who worked with foreign forces.

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