An attack by ISIS leaves dead and wounded Taliban fighters

On Friday, Afghan sources confirmed that 4 Taliban fighters were killed and five others wounded, as a result of an ISIS attack in Charikar, the capital of Parwan province, north of the capital, Kabul.

The assistant undersecretary of the Ministry of Information and Culture in the Taliban transitional government, Bilal Karimi, said that Taliban forces arrested two ISIS members believed to be linked to carrying out the attack.

Sources close to the Taliban said that the movement sent reinforcements to the area after the explosion carried out by ISIS, amid fears that the organization would strengthen in the coming period.

According to Afghan sources, Taliban fighters discovered, during field investigations, an ISIS base in the area.

Taliban sources reported that the attack, which left a number of dead and wounded, targeted a convoy of the movement in Parwan province.

Last August, the Taliban managed to reach the capital, Kabul, and now controls all areas of the country, taking advantage of the US military withdrawal from the country.

Since then, concerns have been raised about the possible strengthening of the terrorist organization ISIS, while the Taliban has been quick to reassure, saying that its attacks are “under control”.


attack ISIS leaves dead wounded Taliban fighters

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