Animals in Egypt…have a taxi

The Nas Online program hosted the Egyptian couple, Bahaa El-Din Magdy Saleh and Hebatallah Adel Soliman, who launched the first service specialized in delivering pets in Egypt under the name “Alivecom Baxi”.

The two owners of the project talked about the idea as being unique in Egypt, and it stemmed from their suffering in transporting their pets in a taxi, to take them to training centers or veterinary clinics, where the project was launched at the end of 2020, after a survey they conducted in Egypt about people accepting the idea of ​​“pet taxis.” “.

Regarding the services they provide, Heba said that they are working to allocate additional services and expand their work, and they are currently working to provide a taxi delivery service to and from Cairo and the nearby governorates, in addition to the “dog walking” service.

As for the prices, Bahaa added that they are very suitable for all social groups.


Animals Egypthave taxi

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