In Malawi, a former minister committed suicide inside the parliament building

Police and Parliament officials said on Friday that a former minister in Malawi committed suicide in Parliament with a pistol hidden in his wheelchair to bypass security.

Authorities said Clement Shwaya, 50, who was also a former deputy speaker of parliament, shot him in the head on Thursday in front of Parliament clerk, Fiona Kalimba, in her office.

Police said a memo written by Shawaya before the suicide refers to his two-year dispute with officials in Parliament over who should pay for damages to his car.

In the memo, Shawaya complained that he was “begging” Parliament to replace his damaged car, which he insisted was required by Parliament. A court also ruled in Parliament that the car should be replaced.

“I am not a violent person,” Shuwaya wrote in the note, which was confirmed by police. “While it would have been easier to harm others with the means at my disposal, I do not want this to be my legacy.”

He had bought the car in 2019 from Parliament at the end of his five-year term as a legislator, but officials delayed transferring ownership to him, which invalidated the insurance at the time of his traffic accident six months later.

The car was modified to allow Shuwaya, who contracted polio as a child, to drive.


Malawi minister committed suicide parliament building

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