Ghannouchi: Parliament is in permanent session, and I call on MPs to resume their work

Parliament Speaker, whose work has been suspended, Rashid Ghannouchi, publishes on social media a statement declaring that Parliament is in a state of “permanent session”, calling on its members to resume sessions.

  • Ghannouchi announces that Parliament is in session and calls on MPs to resume their work

Rached Ghannouchi, Speaker of the Tunisian Parliament, whose work has been suspended, said today, Friday, that “the parliament, which President Kais Saied decided to suspend its work in the event of a permanent session,” called on members of parliament to resume sessions.

Ghannouchi considered that “today October 01, 2021 is the first day of the third parliamentary session for the parliamentary term 2019-2024,” saying that this session comes “in light of exceptional measures, an unprecedented constitutional situation and stifling economic and social challenges, which require all Tunisians to be sober in their Handling and wisdom in treatment.

Presidential Decree No. 117, issued on September 22, considered it “a de facto disruption of the Tunisian constitution, a usurpation of the powers of the Assembly of the Representatives of the People, and a frightening grouping of all powers in the hands of one individual.”

In July, Saied dismissed the former Prime Minister, Hisham al-Mashishi, suspended parliament, assumed executive and legislative powers, and decided to lift the immunity of all members of Parliament.

At the time, Ghannouchi considered Kais Saied’s actions a “coup against the revolution and the constitution,” declaring that “the Tunisian Parliament will continue its work.”

A few days ago, the leader of the Tunisian “Ennahda” movement, Rached Ghannouchi, called for a “peaceful struggle” against “the absolute autocracy against which the revolution was launched.”

He also stressed that the crisis in Tunisia does not justify what he called the coup, pointing out that “the current situation is more dangerous than it was before the twenty-fifth of July.”


Ghannouchi Parliament permanent session call MPs resume work

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