“Corona is for her, and there is no need.”.. A ​​Jordanian economic analyst predicts the biggest disaster that the world will face in its history by 2030

Al-Marsad newspaper: Jordanian economic analyst, Talal Abu Ghazaleh, predicted a major crisis that will confront the world and be caused by decision-makers in the international community in 2030, adding: “Corona is for it and there is no need.”

Abu Ghazaleh added, in an interview with the “Ray Aam” program on TeN with the media, Amr Abdel Hamid, on Thursday evening, that there are American reports saying that in 2030 the world will face the most difficult ordeal in its history. Global Warming”.

He continued: “Trump in his 2016 election campaign said that there is no such thing as global warming, because he wants to win the votes of the industrial complex in America to win the elections, and therefore America withdrew from the Paris meeting, but from the evil of the calamity, it is laughable that others met without Trump in France and they took decisions Good for reducing pollution and emissions in every country and the meeting is over.” According to the “Echo of the Country” website

Abu-Ghazaleh added: “The major industrial countries do not want their industries to be affected as a result of restrictions in heat emissions, so I expect that an environmental disaster will occur more than Corona in 2030.”


Corona Jordanian economic analyst predicts biggest disaster world face history

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