The cameras caught him molesting a child… and chilling words

Surveillance cameras on a street in Hannoville, Agami, Alexandria, in Egypt, recorded a situation in which a young man molested a child, which caused a sensation in the country.

The father, Engineer Ahmed Bayoumi, recounts the scenes of what happened with his child, on September 15, stressing that he asked him to go to get breakfast, but his child’s face after his return was full of fear and anxiety: What did he do?”

The child said: “When I was returning home, one person walked behind me. He asked me for an address. I told him I didn’t know, and I was surprised when he saw the house.”

And he continued: “Fadl feels my body and is satisfied as if my movement is paralyzed, and he says, come to us, and what are all these muscles, you go to the gym and do not form a worker, you are your muscles working like that, why.”

Words the child narrated to the father, explaining that he was able to escape from him, and press the bell button, the latter ran away before the father opened the door.

The father of the child victim indicated that he decided to unload the camera, which spotted the accused walking behind his child, and followed him inside the house, just as his child had mentioned.

The video clip spread through the social networking site “Facebook” until he contacted the child’s father, one of the parents who recognized the accused, and assured him that his son was also molested, but inside the supermarket.

According to what the father said, the security forces succeeded in arresting the offender, a young driver in a private company, and the victim’s father wrote a report against him, in the Dekheila Department, bearing No. 13060/2021: “I arrest him and summon my son, get to know him, and tell what happened The accused did not deny it and did not respond, and currently he has been imprisoned for 4 days, then 15 days.

Source: Russia Today


cameras caught molesting child chilling words

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