Israeli-Bahraini Cooperation to Confront Iranian “Marchs”

Israeli-Bahraini Cooperation to Confront Iranian “Marchs”
Israeli-Bahraini Cooperation to Confront Iranian “Marchs”

A Hebrew newspaper revealed that the Israeli occupation is seeking to cooperate with Bahrain in order to confront the Iranian drones, which Iran is developing.

In an article written by Yonatan Lis, the newspaper “Haaretz” confirmed that “Israel and Bahrain are studying cooperation in the face of Iranian drones,” according to what “informed sources” confirmed to the newspaper.

She explained that Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, who visited Bahrain yesterday, delivered a joint statement with senior figures in Bahrain next to an American destroyer, and this matter was described in Tel Aviv as a “clear signal” to Tehran.

She noted that during Lapid’s visit, “ways to establish “navigational security” for Bahrain’s ships in the Gulf were discussed, as Iran is developing combat capabilities without manpower, drones and others. the capabilities that we offer.

The newspaper pointed out that “Iranian drones were also mentioned in Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly at the beginning of the week.” Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

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She stated that Lapid is the first Israeli minister to visit Bahrain since the normalization of relations with it. Yesterday, he inaugurated the Israeli embassy in Manama, and met with the King of Bahrain, Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, and with the Crown Prince and Prime Minister Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa.

And it reported that “Yesterday, Lapid visited the US warship “Pearl Harbor” and his Bahraini counterpart, Abdul Latif Al-Zayani, and hosted the commander of the US Army’s Fifth Fleet, Brad Cover, and the responsible for the US embassy in Bahrain, Margaret Nerdi, which was considered in Israel (the ship’s visit) as “an event”. strategically important.

Haaretz confirmed that “the issue of security issues, including the Iranian threat, occupied a large part in the meeting between Lapid and the King of Bahrain,” explaining that “the meeting of the King of Bahrain with the foreign minister of a foreign country is an exceptional matter, and an indication of the development of relations with Israel.”

In a joint press conference with his Bahraini counterpart, Lapid said: “Bahrain is like Israel, it includes unique capabilities from the new world of technology, our opportunities are common and our threats are common, and it is not far from here (Iran).” After the conference, which did not directly address the Iranian issue, a Bahraini figure said Rafia: “No one suffers from the Iranians more than us.”

Al-Zayani noted that “the desire to deepen relations appeared in a large number of fields, in order to be able to see the practical gains to achieve peace (normalization) and dialogue.”

The newspaper indicated that Lapid arrived in Bahrain on a special flight on an IsraAir plane on which the word “peace” was written, and he waved the flags of Israel and Bahrain from the windows of the pilot’s room, and next to the plane was a Gulf Air plane that took off directly. After that, towards Tel Aviv, to inaugurate a civil flight between Manama and Tel Aviv, and this, according to “Haaretz”, “is a prominent indication of Bahrainis’ intentions to increase the movement of visitors between them.”

She stated that Bahrain announced, at the beginning of the month, “facilitations in terms of obtaining a visa for Israelis, a step that could increase the number of visits by businessmen and tourists during the Corona period.”

According to a source familiar with the talks, “there is an effort to find a “green corridor” that would allow Bahraini tourists to enter Israel, despite the fact that they took vaccinations that are not recognized in Israel. Tel Aviv is not expected to recognize these vaccinations.”

It is worth noting that Bahrain is home to the US Fifth Fleet base, which aims to increase the density of US forces in the region.

During his visit to Tel Aviv, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Bahrain, Sheikh Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, attacked Iran, and said: “We wanted to see Iran as stable and playing the role of a responsible state in the Arab community, but we do not see it as such,” adding from the heart of Tel Aviv: “From a Bahraini perspective, we see continuous interference in our internal affairs, and if you find any line that passes between all the crises in the Middle East countries, that is Iran,” he said.

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