Relations between the nuclear powers are far from the desired level

Relations between the nuclear powers are far from the desired level
Relations between the nuclear powers are far from the desired level

The “Ocos” security partnership between the United States, Australia and Britain continues to worry the countries of the region and the allies of the United States in Europe, as China has expressed concern that it will lead to a nuclear arms race in the region and the world, and the European Union has expressed its displeasure at being excluded from the partnership.

Russia has warned, through its Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergei Ryabkov, of the consequences that the “Ocos” deal may bring to the world’s non-proliferation regime.

He warned that this deal “paves a way for Australia, after 18 months of consultation and actual efforts that will take a few years, to acquire a large number of nuclear submarines,” explaining that Australia will thus become “among five countries in the world with such military capabilities, and this constitutes in His view is “a concrete challenge to the non-proliferation regimes”.

Ryabkov expressed Moscow’s concern about Britain’s announcement earlier this year of opportunities to expand its nuclear arsenal, explaining that relations between the world’s nuclear powers are “far from a level that can be considered good.”

He added that the situation on this issue was significantly exacerbated by “the destruction of the pillars of the nuclear weapons control system”, and held the administration of former US President Donald Trump the greatest responsibility for this because of its “absolute pursuit of military and other superiority.”

At the same time, the Russian diplomat pointed out that “signs of hope” appeared at the international level later, indicating that the détente between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden during their summit in Geneva on June 16 gave way to constructive cooperation.

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Relations nuclear powers desired level

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