Huge air incursion of China near Taiwan

Posted in: 01/10/2021 – 16:13

On Friday, October 01, 2021, the Taiwan Defense Ministry said that its air force scrambled to warn 25 Chinese planes that entered the island’s special air defense zone, and this comes on the same day that China celebrates its National Day.

Taiwan has been complaining for a year or more about repeated missions by the Chinese air force near it, especially in the southwestern part of its air defense zone near the Taiwan-controlled Pratas Islands.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said the latest Chinese mission involved an 18J-16 fighter jet, four Sukhoi (Su-30) fighters, two nuclear-capable H-6 bombers and an anti-submarine aircraft.

The ministry added that Taiwan had sent planes to drive away the Chinese planes and had deployed a missile system to monitor them.

According to a map released by the ministry, all the Chinese planes flew in an area near the Pratas Islands, and the two bombers were as close as possible to the archipelago.

China has not made any comments yet.


Huge air incursion China Taiwan

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