Our maneuvers near the Azerbaijani border are a message to Israel

Our maneuvers near the Azerbaijani border are a message to Israel
Our maneuvers near the Azerbaijani border are a message to Israel

Today, Friday, Iranian Vice President for Parliamentary Affairs, Mohammad Hosseini, considered that the military exercises launched by the Iranian army’s ground forces near the border with the Republic of Azerbaijan are a “warning message to Israel.”

“The Iranian army’s Fateh Khaybar maneuvers are a warning message to Israel if it tries to make any mistake near our borders,” Mohammad Hosseini said in a tweet via his official Twitter account.

On Friday morning, a military maneuvers of the ground forces of the Iranian army, titled “Khaybar Fateh”, were launched on the country’s northwestern border with the Republic of Azerbaijan.

According to the Iranian “Tasnim” news agency, the maneuvers were launched by artillery units of the army’s ground forces firing at predetermined locations and targets in an operation dubbed “Fateh Khyber.” Army helicopters supported the operation all the time, and drones were used in These maneuvers.

Commander of the Iranian Army’s Ground Force, Amir Kiomars Heidari, said that this maneuver aims mainly to test the new weapons, and it has a special sensitivity due to the hidden presence of elements from the Zionist entity and ISIS in the countries surrounding that region.

Heidari added, in a statement to Iranian journalists, that “the message that Iran wants to convey through these maneuvers is that Zionist and terrorist elements have no place in this region, and that the Iranian regime will seriously confront these elements wherever it finds them.”

In turn, the spokesman for the National Security Committee in the Iranian parliament, Mahmoud Mishkini, considered that Iran’s military maneuvers in the northwest of the country carry a good message to our neighbors on the northern borders.

He added, “We are the most powerful country in the region and one of the most powerful countries in the world, and we export the most advanced weapons to 42 countries.”

Last week, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev accused of violating his country’s sovereignty, criticizing Iran’s efforts to insist on holding military exercises.

Earlier, other Iranian government officials, including Fida Hossein Maleki, a member of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security Committee, described the Azerbaijani Republic’s joint maneuver with Pakistan and Turkey as “suspicious moves” and warned against Israel’s role in it.

Tensions escalated between Iran and Azerbaijan after a military exercise hosted by the Republic of Azerbaijan and attended by Pakistan and Turkey in September of this year.

Later, in addition to increased restrictions and tariffs on Iranian trucks bound for Armenia, two Iranian drivers were arrested, escalating tensions between Tehran and Baku.

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