Half a million elderly people live “social death” in France

Half a million elderly people live “social death” in France
Half a million elderly people live “social death” in France

Half a million elderly people live in a state of “social death” in France, which means that their encounters with others are non-existent or extremely rare, a number that rose by 77 percent in four years and exacerbated due to

In an index published Thursday in its second edition, entitled “Loneliness and isolation for those over the age of sixty in France in 2021”, the “Brothers of the Young People” association indicated that the Covid-19 crisis and the health restrictions that accompanied it, “threw people who had a fragile social fabric into isolation.” strong.”

The indicator showed that the number of elderly people isolated from family and friends has more than doubled (+122%) in four years, from 900,000 in 2017 to two million in 2021.

In addition, 1.3 million elderly people never, or on very rare occasions, never see their children and grandchildren, compared to 470,000 according to the previous index issued in 2017.

The association considers four medians of social ties to measure the degree of isolation of the elderly: family, friends, neighbors, and associations. The index concluded that 530,000 elderly people in France have no ties to any of these four circles.

“Between 2017 and 2021, our index of social death nearly doubled,” said Yan Lanier, general delegate of Brothers of the Poor Young.

In its study, the results of which were published on the occasion of the International Day of Elderly Persons on October 1, the association pointed out that “links with friends and networks of associations were affected the most by successive isolation measures.”

The index showed that 3.9 million elderly people, nearly a fifth of the total number of elderly people, had no or very few friendships, compared to 1.5 million in 2017.

Relations with neighbors were the least affected in this area, as the decline was limited to 2% compared to 2017, as was the case with relations with merchants or professionals in the neighborhood, which the association said constituted a “bulwark against isolation.”

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million elderly people live social death France

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