Is there any harm in receiving the corona and influenza vaccines at the same time?

With winter approaching in a number of countries of the world, especially the countries of the northern hemisphere, a British study confirms that it is possible to receive a vaccine to prevent the Corona virus and a flu vaccine at the same time.

  • A snowman wears a mask to prevent corona virus in Brooklyn / New York (AFP).

A British study revealed that there is no harm in receiving a vaccine to prevent the Corona virus, and a flu vaccine at the same time.

The study showed that reported side effects were usually mild to moderate in tests conducted with three influenza vaccines with any dose of Covid-19 vaccines, whether produced by Pfizer or AstraZeneca, according to Reuters.

“This is a positive step that may mean reducing appointments for those who need the two vaccines,” said the study’s senior researcher, Rajika Lazarus.

She emphasized that “the results of this study have been submitted to the Joint Committee on Immunization and Immunization for consideration and will assist policy makers in planning for the future of these important vaccination programmes.”

The study was conducted on 679 volunteers in 12 sites across England and Wales. The full results are due to be published in The Lancet.

A number of countries, especially other northern hemisphere countries, are preparing for a difficult winter where influenza cases are likely to increase in light of the easing of Covid-19 restrictions and the relaxation of social distancing measures.


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