A man joins the Turkish police in searching for himself without knowing

In a funny incident, a Turkish man was involved in an arduous search for him after his family reported his disappearance, according to the British newspaper, The Independent.

A Turkish family in the city of Ingol, in the northwestern Bursa state, reported the disappearance of a 50-year-old man named Behan Mutlu.

Mutlu was drinking alcohol with some of his friends, before he was cut off from his family and without answering any calls to his smartphone.

Media reports indicated that Mutlu apparently decided to wander in a forest while he was drunk after leaving the pub, where no news about him, and here the police sent a team to search for him after his friends failed to find him.

While walking aimlessly in the woods, Mutlu ran into the police who told him they were looking for a missing old man, and he joined them in their efforts without knowing that he was the wanted person.

After a search and investigation that lasted for hours, Mutlu discovered that he was the man involved in all this effort and trouble when the police started yelling at me to tell them that he had “finded himself” at last.

A similar incident occurred in 2012, but in Iceland, an Asian tourist was involved in “searching for herself” without knowing it.

The chapters of the story took place, when that woman was on a tour with a tourist group in one of the famous volcanic valleys in the remote, but with stunning views that attract people to walk in it.

After the tour ended, everyone returned to the bus, but the driver waited for an hour in the hope that the woman would return to return to the hotel to no avail, and then decided to call the police to report her missing.

It was then that I began a search and combing of arid, treeless hillsides for a 5 feet 2 inches (1.58 m) dark-clothed Asian woman.

After reaching three o’clock in the morning the team despaired of finding her, but the surprise was when they came back and found her on the bus to tell them that she was tired of searching for that missing woman and decided to return to the bus to take a rest.

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