Israeli opposition criticizes Bennett’s speech at the United Nations

Israeli opposition criticizes Bennett’s speech at the United Nations
Israeli opposition criticizes Bennett’s speech at the United Nations

Israel’s Likud party criticized Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s speech at the United Nations, saying it was an “empty speech in front of an empty hall and wasted words rather than benefiting from an important international platform.”

In a statement, the party considered that “former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speeches at the previous United Nations caused an uproar around the world and put Israel’s interests at the forefront of the global platform,” stopping at Bennett’s “failed dealings” with regard to managing the Corona crisis in Israel.

He said, “His words about Iran are also empty and hollow. After promising not to engage in a global struggle against the nuclear deal and subjecting our operational activities to prior coordination with the Americans, he abandoned the iron foundations of Iran’s nuclear war unlike Netanyahu.”

Commenting on the letter, Bezalel Smotrich, head of the “Religious Zionism” party, said: “The content is empty, there is no statement, it is useless.”

The head of the coalition government, MK Edith Silman, said in a supportive message: “Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, we are all behind you.”

The Joint List, made up of several Arab-majority parties, spoke out against Bennett for “failing to mention the Palestinians in his speech.”

Representative Aida Touma Suleiman of the Joint List summed it up, saying, “Hide the occupation and the presence of the Palestinian people, allegations of Israel’s moral superiority, and provoking war on Iran.” “These are the principles that guide the right-wing Netanyahu government, and they guide the Bennett government,” she added.

In turn, the Meretz party, a partner in the government coalition, harshly criticized Bennett, who ignored the Palestinians in his speech. They stressed in Meretz that they “will work from within and outside the government to advance the two-state solution.”

Source: i24news

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