French soldier killed in Mali

French soldier killed in Mali
French soldier killed in Mali

A French soldier was killed during a clash with an armed group in Mali, bringing the number of French soldiers killed there to 50 from 2013.

And the French Ministry of Defense announced that the slain soldier, Maxime Blasco, was part of a French unit deployed in a forested area near the Mali border with Burkina Faso. She explained that “the unit was tracking a militant group that was spotted earlier by a drone. The unit was supported by two armed helicopters and a drone.”

The ministry pointed out, in a statement, that “the armed militants clashed with the unit and that a sniper killed Blasco,” and the statement indicated that the sniper “was also killed in the clash.”

It is noteworthy that 50 French soldiers have been killed in the region since France deployed an “anti-terror force” in 2013 to expel jihadist groups that seized cities and towns in northern Mali.


French soldier killed Mali

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