Gangster shot dead in Indian court

Gangster shot dead in Indian court
Gangster shot dead in Indian court

Two armed men disguised as lawyers killed an Indian gangster on the country’s “most wanted” list during a shootout in a courtroom in the capital, New Delhi, on Friday.

Jitendra Goji, who was among the most wanted in New Delhi before his arrest in March last year, was appearing before the Rohini District Court when two people dressed as lawyers opened fire, killing him before being shot by police.

Witnesses told the media that about 12 shots were fired inside the court. Goji was shot several times before the two attackers were shot dead by the security forces. Media reports, citing police, said the two gunmen belonged to a rival gang.

Mobile phone videos of the incident showed lawyers and litigants running to hide in a hallway outside the court as gunshots were heard.

Goji was involved in brutal gang battles, murders, robberies and extortion in New Delhi and in states across northern India. He was arrested for the first time in 2016, but he escaped from police custody, who could not arrest him again until last year. Goji’s violent reputation made him a target for the police and his opponents at the same time, while media reports said that other gangs were resentful of his movements in their territories. (agencies)


Gangster shot dead Indian court

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