Daraa..regime forces enter Tafas city

The agreement stipulates the settlement of the status of wanted persons and defectors from the regime’s army, in addition to the deployment of security points in the city and the handing over of weapons that were seized by the fighters of the city of Tafas during the attack on the positions of the Syrian regime on July 29.

The regime’s “SANA” news agency stated that the process of “settling the situation of a number of militants and wanted persons, and those fleeing military service, and handing over weapons to the Syrian army, began on Saturday, in the city of Tafas in the western countryside of Daraa, according to the settlement agreement proposed by the state.”

Lutfas is of economic importance in the region, as a result of the presence of many merchants there. The regime, along with Daraa al-Balad, considers it the main axes in the demonstrations against it and the leadership of the revolutionary movement, which rejected the Syrian presidential elections.

In this context, a meeting was held on Friday in the city of Inkhil in the northern countryside of Daraa governorate, which included a number of city dignitaries, neighborhood mayors, the head of the municipal council, the head of the security detachment, and a member of the People’s Assembly, Farouk al-Hammadi.

According to the “Daraa 24” network, the regime demanded the residents of the city of Inkhil to hand over a number of pieces of light weapons, while al-Hammadi promised to improve the service situation in the city in return for handing over weapons, and the notables demanded to reveal the fate of detainees in the city, and to release them, but there was no response to that. requirement.

The request to hand over the weapons aroused the resentment of the people because no attack was recorded on the state security detachment located in the city, noting that most of the weapons in the city of Inkhil belong to Al-Hammadi and his militias affiliated with “Hezbollah”.


Daraaregime forces enter Tafas city

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