Mikati: The entry of Iranian fuel is a violation of Lebanon’s sovereignty

The Lebanese Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, said that the entry of Iranian fuel constitutes a violation of Lebanon’s sovereignty because the process of entering it took place in isolation from the Lebanese government, which is preparing to appear before the Parliament to gain confidence, the day after tomorrow, Monday, while the country witnessed isolated demonstrations.

Mikati added, in his interview with CNN, “I am saddened by the violation of Lebanon’s sovereignty, but I have no fear of sanctions because the process (the introduction of fuel) took place in isolation from the Lebanese government.”

Regarding Hezbollah’s participation in the government, Mikati said, “I am a practical man and the government is inclusive of most of the Lebanese spectrum, and we cannot carry out any reforms and negotiate with the International Monetary Fund without the approval and support of everyone. Hezbollah represents a segment of the Lebanese in Parliament.”

Mikati stressed that “the government’s main task is to stop the collapse and put the country on the path to recovery, in preparation for the transition to addressing the economic, financial and life issues.” He continued, “The current situation in Lebanon is similar to a patient in a very bad condition who is waiting to be admitted to the hospital emergency, after which he is transferred to the operating room for surgery if necessary, then to intensive care and then undergoes a period of convalescence before final recovery.” I regret to say that our country is still waiting for the hospital emergency.”

Meanwhile, yesterday, Friday, the first ship loaded with about 31,000 tons of Iraqi Oil arrived at the Deir Ammar plant in Tripoli. The director of the plant, Tony Yaqoub, said: The step is important and helps us to continue as we are today until more fuel arrives so that the feeding hours will increase, and we hope that more shipments will arrive.

In this context, Mikati thanked the Iraqi government for supporting Lebanon and standing by it in these difficult circumstances, especially by implementing the Iraqi oil import contract, to participate in solving the electricity crisis after being briefed by the Minister of Energy and Water Walid Fayyad about the procedures for the arrival of the first Iraqi oil ship to the plant. Deir Ammar electric, which helps to increase the hours of feeding the current.

In addition, Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri called for a plenary session to discuss the ministerial statement and vote of confidence, at eleven in the morning on Monday, as well as in the evening of the same day, at the UNESCO Palace.

Demanded, protesters cut off the Taalbaya road in the central Bekaa in both directions, in protest against the deteriorating living conditions and the loss of diesel and gasoline. Public car drivers cut off the road at the eastern highway in Sidon, near the Kilani station, to protest the lack of gasoline.

A Lebanese man was injured in a dispute between a vegetable seller and a money changer on Bank Street in Riad El Solh in Sidon, against the backdrop of the dollar exchange rate, which developed into the use of knives. Activists blocked the Muhammara highway in Akkar in both directions, in protest against the arrest of activist Basil Al-Markabawi.

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