Opening the border between Tunisia and Libya again

Opening the border between Tunisia and Libya again
Opening the border between Tunisia and Libya again

Yesterday, the border between Tunisia and Libya was officially opened, and the movement of land travel through the Ras Jedir border port began to return normally, while the Tunisian Airlines Company announced the resumption of its flights from Carthage Airport to the airports of Mitiga in Tripoli and Benina in Benghazi in Libya next Thursday.

The company indicated that the measure came in accordance with the decision of President Qais Saeed to reopen the border crossings with Libya. Tunisair reminded all its passengers of the necessity of fully adhering to the applicable and agreed upon health protocol. The two countries announced the reopening of the crossing “officially, and facilitating the entry of citizens from both sides.”

This announcement came after Tunisian President Kais Saied directed the reopening of the crossings with Libya, after being briefed on the results of the meetings of the Tunisian-Libyan joint security and health ministerial committees, which were held recently in the southeastern city of Djerba.

A statement by the Tunisian presidency said that Saied stressed the need to fully respect the agreed upon health protocol, stressing that this protocol is subject to review in light of the development of the health situation in the two countries, and that any breach of its requirements may result in a reconsideration of the decision to reopen border crossings. Qais Saeed also ordered in coordination with the Libyan authorities to focus health teams for vaccination against the Corona virus at border crossings, and to organize intensive vaccination days at the headquarters of Tunisian diplomatic and consular missions in Libya. The return of travel movement through the crossing came after a closure that lasted for more than two months due to the Corona epidemic.

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