Protesters throw pebbles at Trudeau (video)

Protesters throw pebbles at Trudeau (video)
Protesters throw pebbles at Trudeau (video)

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Opponents of the ban and vaccination measures related to the Corona virus threw gravel at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, during his election tour to the state of Ontario.

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According to the TV channel, this is not Trudeau’s first gathering that has been accompanied by protests.

According to Global News, the people who threw stones at Trudeau protested against the coronavirus vaccination policy.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has faced several times in his election campaign, angry protesters and opponents of vaccination and health restrictions.

Trudeau had announced in mid-August that early elections would be held in the country on September 20, less than two years after the last federal elections, stressing that Canada was going through a “historic” moment due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Protesters throw pebbles Trudeau video

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