Qais Saeed warns of “infiltration” of the National Guard

Qais Saeed warns of “infiltration” of the National Guard
Qais Saeed warns of “infiltration” of the National Guard

The Tunisian president stressed the unity of the state, and that sovereignty is for the people, warning that all attempts to infiltrate the vital wires in the state and use them to serve the interests of certain parties will be confronted by law, so that these national public utilities remain for all on an equal footing.

The President of the Republic stressed that members of the National Guard Corps are a source of pride and inspiration for all Tunisians, urging them to set an example in every step of the path taken by the Tunisian people.

On Monday morning, Saeed had supervised, at the National Guard barracks in Al-Awina, the parade commemorating the 65th anniversary of the resurrection of the National Guard, in the presence of the entrusted with running the Ministry of the Interior, the National Guard commander and senior security frameworks.

The Head of State indicated that he was keen to participate in the commemoration of this immortal memory in recognition of the historical heroism of the National Guard and its distinguished achievements, which went beyond the security aspects to include other non-traditional sectors and areas of intervention.

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