We thought ISIS disguised itself as women and attacked the presidential palace

We thought ISIS disguised itself as women and attacked the presidential palace
We thought ISIS disguised itself as women and attacked the presidential palace

“We thought the women were ISIS in disguise.” With this phrase, a member of the Taliban justified the violent response that a group of women were subjected to a few days ago, who went to a protest march to demand the preservation of women’s rights in Afghanistan, which fell completely in the hands of the movement.

Commenting on what several press reports said last Saturday regarding the Taliban dispersing a demonstration of women by beating them with iron chains, Suhail Shaheen, a member of the movement’s political bureau, denied the matter.

Rather, he added, in an interview with Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper: A group of women tried to enter the presidential palace, and the guards thought that ISIS-K was intending to carry out a terrorist attack while they were disguised as women; We thought the organization had reached the palace!”

Women’s rights

Regarding women’s rights, Shaheen said, “We will respect her rights to study and work, but as a Muslim woman, she must abide by the rule of Sharia.”

It is noteworthy that last Saturday, dozens of women went to a protest march in Kabul, carrying banners calling for women’s rights, and their participation in the government and senior positions in the state, but the Taliban confronted them and prevented them from heading to the presidential palace.

Demonstrators near the presidential palace in Kabul (The Associated Press)

They also chanted slogans, according to video clips broadcast by activists, demanding their rights to education, work and the preservation of freedoms.

Also, the Afghan capital, which has been under the control of the movement since the middle of last month, witnessed an unusual scene last Friday, after a women’s march to demand women’s rights took place.

It is noteworthy that one of the leaders in the Taliban had announced last week that the next government will not include women, adding that under the new rule, women will not have the possibility to occupy high positions in the state.

While the international community stresses the need for the movement to preserve human rights and freedoms, otherwise there will be no recognition or treatment of its government by the West.

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