New details about the escape of 6 Palestinian prisoners from Gilboa prison

New details about the escape of 6 Palestinian prisoners from Gilboa prison
New details about the escape of 6 Palestinian prisoners from Gilboa prison

Six Palestinian prisoners managed to escape from the most fortified Israeli prison, they were sharing the same room, and they dug a hole for a month using a rusty spoon.

The Hebrew newspaper, “The Jerusalem Post”, said that “the six escaped prisoners were sharing the same cell, and that they dug a tunnel from it for a month, using a rusty spoon that they hid behind a poster.”

She explained that “the Israeli police are investigating the possibility that the fugitives managed to escape to the city of Jenin in the West Bank or Jordan.”

According to the newspaper, three of the prisoners who managed to escape tried to escape from Israeli prisons before that.

She added that the process of escaping Palestinian prisoners, which began at 3:30 in the morning, was discovered when he saw the fleeing farmer running through his field, then he informed the Israeli police.

The Hebrew newspaper quoted a senior security official as saying that this incident is one of the worst of its kind in Israel.

In a related context, the Hebrew newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported that it is possible that the planning process for the escape from Gilboa prison took months or years.

And the newspaper added, “This does not end with escape only, but in the next stage, as the prisoners know that their going to the West Bank means that they are in the most dangerous places for them, as there is a high probability of arresting them sooner or later.”

She pointed out that the equation between Gilboa prison and Jenin is close, as the prisoners who escaped are residents of Jenin, and this allows them to obtain support and help in hiding.

The newspaper pointed out that in recent months, the city of Jenin has become the largest center of resistance against the Israeli army, with countless militants and elements willing to sacrifice themselves for the cause of the prisoners.

She expected that “any search by the Israeli army for them will lead to armed resistance, which makes the process of searching for them difficult.”

In a related context, the newspaper clarified that “the fleeing prisoners have several options, namely: obtaining external support from weapons and ammunition, and trying to kidnap Israelis and subject them to release in exchange for transferring the prisoners to an Arab country, and this requires assistance from officials in Jenin.”

She indicated that “there is another option for these prisoners, which is that they can take advantage of the relatively breached border with Jordan and cross it or flee towards Lebanon in the north.”

The newspaper noted, “The option to go to Gaza is very far, and the separation wall will make it difficult for them to cross, but the newspaper confirmed that prisoners in previous operations have already succeeded in doing so, and this option exists, but it is weak.”

The newspaper concluded its report by saying, “Any confrontation with the fleeing Palestinian prisoners or killing them in an attempt to arrest them, will lead to the retaliation of the resistance factions in the Gaza Strip by firing rockets at Israel or from Lebanon and dragging us into a confrontation.”

In turn, the Hebrew media confirmed that elite units were transferred to Al-Jalama “Jenin sector”, in preparation for extensive searches for them.

According to estimates inside Israel, the fugitive prisoners arrived there and now a wide intelligence operation is underway in preparation for the military operation.

It is also estimated that the fugitive prisoners upon their arrival in the West Bank received immediate assistance and will not seek refuge in the homes of their families now, so they were not stormed by the army.

Six Palestinian prisoners had earlier managed to escape from the most complex Israeli prisons, where Israel is conducting a wide search for them, to reach them and arrest them again.

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