The government is angry…a “shameless” leak of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

The British government has launched an investigation after the leak of official plans dubbed “London Bridge” containing all the official details that follow the possible death of Queen Elizabeth II.

The British newspaper, “Telegraph”, reported that the “London Bridge” was a scheme distributed to senior political figures and civil servants in the country in anticipation of the death of the Queen, but it was leaked and published by the website of the magazine “Politico”.

There has been annoyance and frustration among royal aides and politicians over the website’s publication of details of Operation London Bridge at a time when the 95-year-old Queen is still in good health and just five months after the death of her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh.

The newspaper quoted a government source as saying that the Cabinet Office has launched an investigation to determine the source of the leak of the document, which it described as an old version of the scheme and which does not include the most sensitive details.

The source described the leak to the newspaper as “rude” as it comes shortly after the “Queen lost her husband”, expressing concern that similar documents would be secured in the future.

The newspaper said that the leaked document contains details not found in the recent document of the “London Bridge”.

According to the newspaper, more than 40 organizations in the country, including military units, councils, charities and broadcasters, will receive copies of the plan regarding their participation in the event of the Queen’s death.

The newspaper said that the document, which was drawn up in the period immediately following the death of the Queen’s husband, includes references to the challenges that the Corona virus epidemic may pose.

According to the document, government departments are expressing concerns about the extensive security operation that will accompany the event amid fears of an unprecedented influx of tourists.

Concerns include managing huge crowds in an attempt to avoid travel chaos, and the document expects London to be filled with the crash.

The paper reports that the document covers all possibilities, from how the Queen’s coffin will be transported to London if she dies outside the capital to the drafting of the notifications that the permanent secretaries of the departments charged with publishing the news can send.

According to the document, the prime minister, chief governor-general and ambassadors will be among the first to learn of the queen’s death.

After receiving the news of the death via email, the document says, the flags will be at half-mast within ten minutes, then the Prime Minister will make a statement, there will be a gun salute and a national minute of silence will be declared. Then the Prime Minister will meet with the new king, and at 6 pm, “King Charles” will broadcast an address to the nation.

The newspaper continues, that according to the document, there will be a mass to commemorate the memorial at St Paul’s Cathedral in London, attended by the Prime Minister and senior ministers.

King Charles will then embark on a tour of the United Kingdom in the days leading up to the funeral, starting in Edinburgh with a visit to the Scottish Parliament followed by visits to Northern Ireland and Wales.

The document states that the state funeral will be held at Westminster Abbey, with two minutes of silence observed across the country at midday. There will also be a mass at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, and the Queen will be buried at the King George VI Memorial Chapel in the castle.

And Queen Elizabeth II, in her most prominent appearance since the death of her husband Prince Philip in April, who would have turned 100 on June 10, received US President Joe Biden, last June, with a guard of honor, followed by tea at Windsor Palace, west of London, At the conclusion of the G7 summit.

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